Support F.A.Q.

Where did you get the listing information? platform was built to repurpose your existing MLS listing data within ListHub, add in various third-party sourced scenes like mapping, etc. and create a Listing Video on demand with the most recent data in the MLS. Some brokerages prefer to send us a direct feed of the MLS data to overcome quality photo issues sometimes tied to various MLS regulations/policies.

Can I use my listing videos in the MLS?

There are two versions of each Listing Video. One has your contact information, as the listing agent, and the other version is ready to use in your MLS. The MLS-ready version does not include your information or identify the listingbrokerage.

Can my videos be syndicated to other websites?

Yes. You can upload your videos to industry websites considered aggregators (or marketplaces), such as Trulia, Zillow,, etc.

How do we obtain video files for sites, like YouTube?

If your company purchased video files as part of your contract, these may be exported for use on industry sites such as YouTube. The YouTube website does not display videos created "on demand" from embed code.

Can I share these videos on Facebook or Twitter?

Yes, your listing videos can be used on Facebook or Twitter. In fact---it's built into the player! You and your clients can easily share the video by click the "Share" button in the upper right hand corner of the video.

How do I get the videos onto my YouTube channel?

If your company purchased video files as part of your contract, we will upload to your company's YouTube Channel. This add-on service is expected to launch in the fall of 2014. Note: Your company is responsible for taking down/turning off and managing Listing Videos visibility on your company's channel.

What if a scene has information that would be negative?

Several scenes have built-in safeguard thresholds to ensure the listing is always represented favorably. These safeguards are applied to each individual Listing Video independently. The logic for each is as follows:

  1. Listing Date: if the listing has been on the market longer than 60 days this scene will automatically be removed.
  2. Median Listing Price/Median Sales Price: if the listing price is greater than the median price this scene will automatically be removed.
  3. Walkability: if the score for the listing is less than 2.5 stars, this scene will automatically be removed.

How did you locate the listing on a map?

Because less than one quarter of listings include latitude/longitude, the map pin associated with each listing location is generated through Google mapping.

Are the photos matched with the scenes?

The Listing Video is created in a specific scene order. Each video scene requiring a photo, will pull the next listing photo --- in the exact order they are in the MLS. Companies who provide a direct feed will be able to tag photos for better syncing with the video voiceover. This service is expected to launch in the fall of 2014.

Where did you source the market metrics from?

The market data is scoped to the listing zip code and updated on a daily basis following the close of MLS reporting the month prior.

How often will my videos be updated?

Updates to existing Listing Videos (list price reduction, upgraded property photos, etc) will refresh within an average of 48 hours after the information has been entered into the MLS. Actual time varies on the elapsed cycle from MLS to ListHub to ListingVideos and may take up to 60 hours...though it might be quicker if your company supplies us a direct feed.

How will I know when my video has been updated?

A nightly email is sent to your company's main point(s) of contact with Your company may also opt-in for ListingVideos to auto-notify the listing agent once a video has been created.

Where do the leads go?

Leads are distributed according to your company's direction. They may be emailed to the listing agent, or a single company contact for scrubbing or lead management.

Do I get a listing detail page?

Yes, each listing has an agent-branded detail page. This page includes a lot of the listing information you entered in the MLS, as well as every property photo, your contact information as the listing agent and a lead capture form. The interested buyer and the property address are automatically emailed to either the listing agent, or a single company address. This depends on the lead distribution rules your company established.

Will the videos play on mobile phones or tablets?

Yes. Our platform is HTML5 compatible, which ensures interested buyers (and your seller) may view Listing Videos on a smart phone or tablet.

Can I change any information on the listing video announcement email I received before I forward it on to the seller or potential buyers?

Absolutely! All of that information is sourced directly from the data in the MLS. Though you can change any of the information on the email to suit your style (like the header, the property description, your contact information etc). That being said---it's better to have the most appropriate information in the MLS so you don't have to adjust this email manually.

How will I know when my video is ready?

If your company opted in, the listing agent will receive email notification when a new listing's video is ready. Designed for eMarketing, the pre-populated html announcement is ready to send to the seller and your sphere of influence.

Are there any marketing materials?

Yes. We have created a suite of materials to assist in your marketing efforts, including:

  1. A pre-populated, printable, property flyer for each listing with a video We created a ready to print flyer using all the information you provided the MLS about the listing (photos/description). This includes your company-provided head shot and contact information - just press print and take to your sales meeting, broker's open, etc. No software required!
  2. A HTML listing video announcement We created a HTML listing announcement ready to forward to the seller, or email to your sphere of influence. Don't like the header? Just highlight the text and type a new one ---- right inside your email. No software required!
  3. An agent-branded listing video Be sure to promote the branded listing video through social media! Just click the share button at the end of the video.
  4. A MLS ready listing video without branding Most MLSs have restrictions about video marketing, such as company branding and your contact information. We created a version of your video for this purpose, so don't forget to attach the MLS ready video to your listing!

What if I deleted the marketing email by accident?

Don't worry. If your company opted in, you'll receive a weekly recap email with links to the full list of branded marketing support materials available for each of your listings with videos.

What if I have questions on the service?

Because the answer will vary based on your company's specific contract/order, your best point of contact is your company marketing manager.